Saturday, February 20, 2010

Digital X-rays

Does your doctor use digital x-ray? Most veterinarians do not. I went to a conference for advanced surgeons learning a new bone surgery and I was the only one in the room who raised their hand when asked who had digital x-rays. It's the same as the difference between film cameras and digital cameras. There is so much more detail contrast and ability to enhance film images. It's also faster so that moving pets still get good images and fewer pets need sedation. That's great for everyone! If you need to measure, it's inch for inch accurate. If you are doing advanced surgery there is software to add to make the placement of plates and screws almost perfect. Until digital we depended on the talent of the surgeon to know how to put bones back together and place the screws in the right places. Most of the time they succeeded with much practice on plastic bones first. It just shows you how far veterinary medicine has come. Everyday it's something new!!
Of course our pets deserve the best, too.