Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pet Food and Healthy Pets

I remember the days when my cocker spaniel got one can of Kennel Ration once daily at dinner time.
He never had a Milk Bone or a RawHide or a pig's ear.  He did get table scraps, leftovers, ham bones, chicken bones, dead squirrels and whatever else he found out in the woods. Somehow "Big Daddy" lived to be 18 years old. Our dogs are still rugged but realistically I think BD was just lucky.  People often tell me similar stories but having seen dogs die from causes that could have easily been prevented makes me sad and opinionated. Please don't give your dog or cat bones, fat, or anything leftover that you would not eat. I'm okay with lean, fresh, cooked meat, vegetables and dairy but there's a limit. You simply cannot create a healthy diet for dogs and cats from your table, period, even if you are a nutritionist.

With all the press on unhealthy diets with melamine, toxins and byproducts, a new market for healthy dog and cat food has emerged and rightly so. If you ate the same food every day, year after year, you would want it to contain everything you need to live a healthy life. That time is now here for pets. Even though these diets are more expensive, so are the ingredients and the research that has gone into them.  I have seen animals that had poor body condition, thin fur, scratching, vomiting, and diarrhea get perfectly well on the right food. Sometimes it takes trial and error but it beats veterinary bills any day.

Start out your pet with a healthy, expensive food.  Feed it consistently and avoid other junk food like penis chews and pigs ears. These have been found to contain bacteria that can cause serious disease.
Really, would you chew on a pig's ear or the other thing?

You will never regret feeding an excellent diet.


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