Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pet Health Insurance

Always a huge question is I get is "how about pet health insurance"?  Not many people have made this jump however my experience is that those who have, are either breaking even or winning.  Health insurance in general is always most beneficial if you pay for the usual expenses, shots, for example, out of pocket and purchase major medical and accident insurance. If you can't afford $300-$400 a year, you probably can't afford a healthy pet much less one who has problems. But what you need protection for are common tragedies: getting a pork chop bone stuck in the intestine, hit by car, swallowing a fish hook or racquet ball or any number of items, infections and food poisoning. Insurance won't cover hip dysplasia, allergies or anything hereditary but if your pup or kitten gets a broken leg or obstructed bowel it's expensive to diagnose and remedy. Older pets benefit from treatment for cancer treatment, skin growths that require surgery, blood tests, dental cleanings and medical treatments like immune disorders.  I should have purchased health insurance for my own Jack Russell Terrier since he managed to tear ligaments and run into injuries that I couldn't fix without a specialists. He's 13 now, and I've probably spent $10,000 on veterinary surgeons (they don't work for free.) He might live to be 17!

So I think insurance is a good idea. You are more likely to get treatment early for your pet if you have insurance and much more likely to make good decisions for the health of your pet if you have it.